Our Mission, Values and History


Following years of success after its initial launch in 2005, the Los Angeles Guitar Academy then aspired to share its brand of top-quality guitar instruction to students worldwide. Realizing that classical and Flamenco guitar lessons were not readily accessible to many, our classically-trained, credentialed faculty turned to the web with the hope of developing on online curriculum that rivals the instruction we offer in our Los Angeles studios. We began, first, with LAGA Live – our live webcam guitar lessons for those students with no access to a local instructor with comparable expertise. It soon became clear that there was a growing demand for an on-demand program that is affordable, accessible 24/7, comprehensive and inspiring. To date, no other online guitar lesson program embodies these characteristics. It was that vision that motivated the LAGA Faculty to raise the bar and develop a comprehensive, fully online curriculum. We delivered where no others could.

In 2007, Los Angeles Guitar Academy’s instructors worked feverishly – recording thousands of instructional video guitar lessons. These clips were accompanied with written instructions, lesson hints and sheet music. And we didn’t stop there. In addition to including the standard guitar curriculum, we had the ambitious goal of expanding this traditionally limited repertoire with popular classical works uniquely arranged for solo guitar.

In January 2009, we launched our online guitar lesson division, LAGA Online, fulfilling our initial mission of creating an affordable, accessible 24/7, comprehensive and inspiring online program. LAGA Classical and LAGA Flamenco has something to offer to every guitarist, regardless of musical background. To ensure each student’s success, both programs are structured such that each individual must demonstrate proficiency by submitting videos to advance through the program via LAGA Faculty Feedback – personalized monthly feedback by our instructors.

To further broaden our reach and meet popular demand, LAGA Publishing was established in 2010 to make the sheet music from our popular curriculum available for stand-alone purchases. This allows those not enrolled in LAGA Online programs, or existing students in a different level of the program to directly access specific pieces of interest.

We’re excited to continue this pursuit of sharing our passion for the guitar and enhancing its repertoire with the guitar community.

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