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Online classical guitar lessons from Los Angeles Guitar Academy Online can transform an absolute beginner into a serious student of the classical guitar in less time than you would imagine. Our systematic, online video curriculum builds solid techniques while our personalized feedback keeps bad habits at bay and encourages you as you progress.

An Online Classical Guitar Program which Meets the Needs of Beginners to Advanced

Beginners learn proper technique from the start, including posture, choice of instrument, nail care, warm-up exercises, and drills. You will learn how to sight-read as notes are gradually introduced on each string, through folk songs from countries all around the world. By the end of the first level, you will be in firm command of all of the first position notes on all six strings. Beginners move quickly into arpeggiated chords and other techniques in the initial levels to prepare them for the standard classical guitar repertoire covered in the upcoming levels. Close-up views and spot practice clips with detailed instructions help you rise to the challenge and ascend through the levels. Finally, the program propels the students toward the ranks of advanced guitarists.

As one advances through our online classical guitar program, we introduce unique pieces outside the standard classical guitar repertoire. These pieces from popular classical music expertly transcribed for the guitar have been added to enhance the student’s repertoire and learning experience. As a result, even professional guitarists and classical guitar instructors can benefit from this program.

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Goals and Expectations

Los Angeles Guitar Academy’s online classical guitar lessons are for the serious student of the guitar. As there are no shortcuts to great technique and musicianship, we do not cater to those merely seeking “tricks and tips”. We take a classical conservatory approach blended with modern pedagogical tools. Our program gives our students a solid foundation through customized faculty feedback that lays the groundwork to effortlessly progress to advanced levels. Read more >

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