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Testimonials on LAGA Prime, LAGA Classical, Flamenco, Studio and Live


If I could rate LAGA 100 stars, I would! I’ve been using the program for about 3 months, and I can see an immense difference in my playing and technique. I started playing acoustic guitar about 8 years ago, until I heard a beautiful rendition of “Recuerdos de la Alhambra” by Tarrega. I fell in love with classical guitar! I started by learning simple studies by Sor and Aguado on the acoustic guitar.I finally bought a classical guitar, and continued learning some pieces by reading tabs, up until a few months ago. I noticed that I was not progressing anymore, and I was staying stuck at the same guitar level. I had trouble learning new pieces, and the older pieces that I already knew were not reaching perfection. I knew that I was struggling because I never learned the basics of playing the classical guitar. I was self-taught and I needed more instruction. I was looking for online guitar lessons, but most of the ones I found were too video game-like and not challenging enough. That is, until I found this program! I read the great reviews, and I loved the fact that even though it’s online, it seemed so close to an academic guitar class! When I finally signed up, it was a game changer! I am learning how to read music on the guitar, which is something I was dreading at first. LAGA makes it so easy by dividing the notes by the strings, and through easy songs. I love that I can learn the notes and look forward to learning a little piece, even if it’s just a children’s song. Playing it as a duet with the professor at the end makes it such an accomplishment! I have only completed 3% of the course, but I cannot wait to continue learning! I am looking forward to playing beautiful pieces I love but cannot play (yet), and I will be continuing with this program until I can play them!

Christina S., Michigan

Program: LAGA Classical

I’ve struggled with learning to read music most of my life. This course material is laid out in a logical fashion so it is actually worth it to do things in sequential order. He seems to have put a lot of thought into the order and it helps you memorize stuff faster. Really impressed that I’m already able to sight read some pretty cool material. Definitely recommend the course!

Michael Mandt, Phoenix, Arizona

Program: LAGA Prime

It’s been about a month since I started Flamenco course. I’ve seen only a portion of the course yet but it’s been a great way to learn from the basics. What’s good about this course is that it breaks down flamenco music by elements, providing short videos for each. For example, for Solea, it teaches you the mode/scale, opening falsetta, ending falsetta, how to use arpeggio in falsettas and octave, etc. Because each practice piece is short and it’s easy to focus on the specific theme of the practice. Hoping to learn more going forward.

Akihiro Hano, South Pasadena, California

Program: LAGA Flamenco

These courses are designed by experts to bring you along correctly and wholly so that the material is not just learned but techniques with it to eliminate any holes gaps or mistakes in playing and thus preparing the student for future lessons. The lessons build properly and thoroughly. There is great care and mindfulness in the lessons how they are put together and build upon each other. It is the same care and attention as if they were in person with these same instructors. Trust them and the lessons. Emre is a master. Trust him the process and the material implicitly. There is nothing to second guess. Emre’s great video performances speak for themselves. The sky is the limit. Good luck to all and thank you LAGA.

Charles W., Las Vegas, Nevada

Program: LAGA Prime

I’d started my online course with LAGA Classical a few years ago. I’d improved my technique tremendously back then. The lessons are designed for students to learn from basic to advance. Unfortunately, I got to the beginning intermediate level; and quit due to change of my mind that maybe classical guitar was too difficult for me. In addition, there are also many guitar styles that I like and a lot easier to learn out there online Nowadays, I still play classical guitar by learning from Youtube. I’m not too serious about perfecting my playing anymore. This way of learning has it downside though…it doesn’t add up much of my playing ability…I’m just happy enough to play some pieces here and there. Lately, I start to get interested in Flamenco guitar. So I re-enroll in LAGA Flamenco course. So far, I like it. The only problem I have….is to set up time for consistency practice. Hopefully, I’ll get to a level where I can play a few pieces.

I like both LAGA Classical and Flamenco because the lessons are constructed in sequences where I can build up a good foundation before moving up to the next levels. I had tried to fool myself jumping to pieces that I like most. It didn’t workout well. So I have to come back to the level that I truly am. For serious learners, I think LAGA’s online courses are the best out there on the internet.

It would be great if we have the option of courses for serious learners as LAGA has online right now. And another one is for not so serious learners where the videos tutorials are simply constructed in 2 modes. (1) Normal speed playing. (2) Slow speed playing accompany with metroname + notation and tab underneath moving along the video demonstration. No need to have audio explaination, except maybe some short notes for viewers if needed. In this way, a lazy person like me can play along as I like.

Oh! Please remember to give a big discount for returners as least 50% or more. I’m sure many students will come back for the courses from time to time like in my case.

I wish LAGA’s courses will stay with us a long time to come!

Ravat K., Koh Samui, Surathani, Thailand

Program: LAGA Prime

To prospective students, LAGA Online is the real deal. I have been practicing guitar since I was 11 years old, almost 20 years of practice & study before discovering LAGA. I wholeheartedly endorse and would recommend to anyone with an interest in learning the guitar. I love it!

The video coursework will bring you efficiently through the steps needed to perform the included arrangements, any bar of which is packed with detail and could be considered a masterclass in both technique and theory. The friendly staff are happy to assist you with any questions or hurdles you may encounter. The Tablature is well appreciated for us self taught guitarists who can use it as shorthand for sight reading.

If you want to feel extra inspired I highly recommend examining the transcriptions of Mozart, Bach and Beethoven. The musicality of these artists has been preserved and highlighted in a way here that I have not seen elsewhere, owing somewhat to the modesty and honesty of a plucked string, I can understand now their enduring contribution to my favorite pastime. Marvelous!

Since becoming a student here at LAGA Online I have gained a deeper respect and appreciation for my instrument of choice, I have significantly expanded my skills and repertoire and I look forward to the next 20 years of playing, much of which I imagine will be spent pouring over the pages of Emre’s arrangements!

Cole A., Ireland

Program: LAGA Prime

This is an awesome school. Customer service is great and the quality of instruction is as the same, or even better than what is available at world class music conservatories. Not only for beginners but also for the seasoned player. Check it out ! Especially if you want to improve your technique and take your guitar game to the next level!

Rob H., Costa Rica

Program: LAGA Prime

Dr Emre has developed a great learning platform in LAGA! The progressive teaching, building upon newly learned scores but making the score more complex is a good way to learn because it builds confidence when you already know the general fingering. The crystal clear videos are wonderful and show the way clearly even when the setting is slowed to 1/2 speed. The price is fair and better than some other sites which offer much less information and technic. I highly recommend LAGA for “YOU” and everyone!

Jim D., Henderson, NV

Program: LAGA Prime

I’ve been following the online guitar course for over 1,5 years now with a lot of fun! A few years before that I started playing the guitar and taught myself how to play the guitar with YouTube movies, but that didn’t really help me. Now with LAGA I send guitar exercises to the faculty every month to receive feedback. This helps me a lot to get on with playing the guitar. At the moment I’m at Classical level 5 and Flamenco level 4. LAGA Online is a very nice way to learn to play guitar and I recommend this to everyone!

Ronald Wagenaar, the Netherlands

Program: LAGA Classical and Flamenco

This is my first time using this site and I’m already playing songs and having so much fun! I completely love this set up. My work schedule is so wonky that I haven’t been able to arrange in person lessons. This gives you so much, is convenient, and costs less! I’m very excited about continuing and learning on this site.

Teresa R., Salt Lake City, UT

Program: LAGA Classical and LAGA Flamenco

LAGA is a wonderful site for learning and progressing with the classical guitar. The lessons are clearly presented, well instructed, and do a great job of helping the player progress and keep focused. I have learned so much during my time at LAGA, and I am looking forward to learning so much more and watching my playing progress too. Yes, the curriculum pushes me to be a better player.

Roger Scott, Des Moines, Iowa

Program: LAGA Classical

Well I have the guitar since I was 19 years old, but I didn’t got the chance to learn, I couldn’t find the right teacher and even didn’t know what should I learn and how could i learn. Until I found LAGA online. Im today 31 years old, I believe that I can do something with the help of LAGA because I feel comfortable when I practice. I think it’s not too late to learn and if you want to style it’s the right time to do it. Thanks LAGA for your great Online Academy.

Surrur Gabbara, Wiesbaden, Germany

Program: LAGA Flamenco

I’m a beginner but I am so impressed with the way the lessons are laid out and easy to follow

Federico Diaz, Illinois

Program: LAGA Classical

Just enjoyed a three days trial.
In my life I touched my guitar a few times, trying with different methods to find a way with methodology to reach my goal of playing that instrument well. I failed every time!
Now with just those few days to try, I am convinced to have found THE way which will motivate me to reach some a level in. I am convinced.
Of course it will take me a while and my pace will eventually be slower as desired, but I am sure that this course will bring me quite far.
As a result, I subscribed just now for one year in the PRIME program.
Just to mention that I was quite skeptical about such online offers, but this one is really about learning to play guitar and not about getting to play chords and melodies by heart.

Marc Bolliger, Switzerland

Program: LAGA Classical and LAGA Flamenco (Prime)

I have always been interested in flamenco guitar, my great grandfather was from Spain. I live in a city where there is no flamenco guitar teacher. So I stumble across this site. 1st impression, well, very impressed and excited that I might actually have a chance to learn real legitimate Flamenco guitar from an actual flamenco guitarist. I am an older person and can not wait too much longer to start learning . The flamenco classes offered are extensive & formatted sequentially. Most importantly I can work at my own pace, & replay lessons. I believe this program will definitely get me on the right track to learning. I am excited to give it a shot and start my “Later in Life” career as a “Flamenco Guitarist”!

Tino, Washington

Program: LAGA Flamenco

I find LAGA online school amazing. The program is well structured easy to follow. helpful and quick to answer staff.

Agata Ewa, Norway

Program: LAGA Classical

Ever since enrolling in LA Guitar Academy, my playing has improved leaps and bounds. There’s some much more than meets the eye on this piece [Nocturne No. 20, by F. Chopin] and with their guidance I was able to fully appreciate this piece and all the little nuances that carries it and making it amazing. The world would have been a different place if you hadn’t arranged all these wonderful music to the classical guitar. God bless, and keep them coming.

Dominic Tong, Singapore

Program: LAGA Live

I have always been interested in flamenco guitar, my great grandfather was from Spain. I live in a city where there is no flamenco guitar teacher. So I stumble across this site. 1st impression, well, very impressed and excited that I might actually have a chance to learn real legitimate Flamenco guitar from an actual flamenco guitarist. I am an older person and can not wait too much longer to start learning . The flamenco classes offered are extensive & formatted sequentially. Most importantly I can work at my own pace, & replay lessons. I believe this program will definitely get me on the right track to learning. I am excited to give it a shot and start my “Later in Life” career as a “Flamenco Guitarist”!

Tino, Washington

Program: LAGA Flamenco

I am in my second day of the three-day trial and finding everything I need to make an informed decision. So far, I am very impressed with the organization of materials, and the scope and sequence of the curriculum.

Enric Zappa, Oakland, California

Program: LAGA Flamenco

The lessons is just very clear and actually my dream is to continue to the end because my dream is to be a Flamenco guitar player since 31 years ago and this course is very easy to me to learn … thank you so much.
best regards

Jamal AL N., Kuwait

Program: LAGA Flamenco

A great program, many times better than trying to learn from a book. It guides you, building your skills step by step. The videos provide the how to and most importantly, lets you hear what you are trying to achieve.

Robert Lamb, Los Angeles, CA

Program: LAGA Flamenco

Excellent…. The best part is reply to all the queries you post. More than enough to confirm the genuineness of the program. Its amazing to feel there’s someone to answer your doubts. It is highly encouraging to have a detailed and in depth feedback on the submitted video. Sincere Thanks to the faculty.

Kumar N., Odessa, India

Program: LAGA Flamenco

I started with LAGA online program as a beginner with some basic knowledge of very few accords (I played acoustic guitar a little, in high school days – 20 years ago) and I had zero knowledge of reading the music sheets. After almost 2 years I’m at level 4 now and I’m so excited to finally record 3 videos of me playing my guitar to “unlock” level 5 and start more interactive learning approach, with feedback from LAGA instructors as I start playing technically more demanding pieces. When I look where I was 2 years ago and where I stand now with my guitar play, I can say that LAGA was excellent choice for me. Program is well designed, music lessons are sorted well and I didn’t have problems advancing from plucking the notes on the first string to more and more complex pieces through levels 1-4. “Left hand view” and “spot practice” are excellent way to show student how to play each piece and what fingers to use for each note in various situations. Based on my experience I would recommend LAGA online lessons to everyone who wants to learn classical guitar. I learn to play WHEN and WHERE I want. And also I would point out that during my two years membership I didn’t experience a single outage. Web page was accessible for me any time and from anywhere (I live and travel across the Europe).

Igor Bajic, Kaiserslautern, Germany

Program: LAGA Classical

The course and instructor comments are very helpful. They are profound and teach the right basic skills I have to learn now.
The only shortcoming I can say is the video lesson experience when played on mobile devices. On computers they are perfect, but when I use my iPhone or iPad to practice outside, the videos are very slowly loaded and not easy to explore.

Seung-kyu Choi, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Program: LAGA Classical

Hi Seung-kyu,
Thank you for your feedback. We have recently upgraded our streaming server that should resolve any mobile streaming issues. If you are experiencing further issues, please reach us at support (at) and we will be happy to assist you. We provide remote support via Teamviewer and Skype to ensure that the platform works flawlessly.-LAGA Support

I am so thankful for LAGA Online! I studied classical guitar in my early twenties and had to give it up for personal reasons. One reason is because I moved overseas and have very limited access to professional instruction. LAGA Online makes it so easy to renew a long lost love of mine. The personal feedback from the instructors is always prompt, professional, and extremely helpful. The same is true of technical support. Twice I had a technical issue with the website and they were resolved quickly. I am consistently improving and will soon be back to the level I was at 25 years ago. “Thank you” can not be said enough to express the appreciation I have for you making the formal study of classical guitar so easily accessible.

Christopher Rue, Odessa, Ukraine

Program: LAGA Classical

Saw the videos by LAGA online and new right away this was something I had to do and signed up. I have been on the site since 2013 and continue to enjoy the video interactions and challenges of each level. The feedback from the staff continues to inspire me to work and improve my playing. I would highly recommend this site for anyone interested in learning classical guitar. This has been a very enjoyable and challenging experience and I am so happy I took that first step to sign up.

William Johnson, Hurricane Mills, TN

Program: LAGA Classical

I love LAGA online. Even I have played steel guitar more than 20 years, but I truly want to learn Classic Guitar from the scratch. Here provide me the clearance material for classical guitar from the very beginner step by step. I can learn not only guitar but also the music theory. Besides it can learn by our own pace and remotely without time and place limitation.

Vic Chui, Taiwan

Program: LAGA Classical

This is incredible. I live in Karachi, Pakistan and I have been searching for such teachers and learning methodology. The Faculty at LAGA has literally searched the souls and minds of those who want to learn Classical Guitar and has prepared some super cool and useful teaching content. I dont know my comments have some worth or not as I am a beginner in my early forties but I have developed my opinions on the basis of my experience as a University Assistant Professor. I am delighted and proud to be a student in such a fine Academy of Music. Whether I will learn all or not but I will cherish the moment when I found and then joined LAGA Classical programme.

Saqlain Z., Sindh, Karachi, Pakistan

Program: LAGA Classical

It was my lucky day when I was assigned to Rahul Puar as my webcam instructor. His patience, professionalism and encouragement allows me to keep interest in the tasks and pieces that we mutually select to work on to achieve my musical goals. Although I was skeptical at first that webcam lessons would be successful for me, I am now a believer that they are viable alternatives to in-studio instruction, and would recommend them to those seeking the type of expert musician instruction that Rahul provides.

Lilian Mahan, Maine

Program: LAGA Live

I have been to several online sites where Classical Guitar is taught. This is the only one that presents a serious approach that truly works. The exercises pave the way to playing like a pro without skipping important material. Thanks to LAGA for making all of this possible.

Mark P., Seattle, WA

Program: LAGA Classical

Good opportunity to learn at a decent price.

K. D., Atlanta, GA

Program: LAGA Classical

Everything is nicely organized and easy to access,
I loved it.
Until now the lessons is very clear and understandable.
and sure I will continue this journey with you on LA Guitar Academy online.
Thank you for your excellent work.

Moha Magrabi, Al-Baha, Saudi Arabia

Program: LAGA Classical

I have been learning CG with LAGA online for over a year now and my experience has been nothing but positive. LAGA provides a well organized path to learning CG by working through levels of gradually increasing difficulty. The selection of classical masterpieces is excellent and the luxury of studying at home and at your own pace is an additional bonus!
If I could suggest one change it would be the ability to receive video feedback from faculty. A picture is worth a thousand words they say!

Alexander Korygin, Atlanta, GA

Program: LAGA Classical

In my opinion the Laga flamenco course is really great. I had been looking for quite some time on the internet to find flamenco lessons that teaches flamenco step by step from the beginning. I didnt find anything useful until I discovered LAGA flamenco. The many lessons the subscription contains teatches you all you need to know about technique and palos, and also contains a lot of falsetas. The monthly feedback is also great and necessary in order to learn proper technique. Excellent course!

S. Arthur T., Trondheim, Norway

Program: LAGA Flamenco

LAGA Classical is an excellent way to learn how to play guitar. The lessons are interesting and the play along videos really make learning fun and enjoyable. I had a few problems getting started (didn’t notice the “Chrome” recommendation at the bottom of the screen ) the response was very quick and they had me up and running in no time. Highly recommend this program 🙂

Tad A., White Lake, MI

Program: LAGA Classical

The LAGA Online format and quality is exceptional! Each lesson is far better than I have experienced with private lessons. And I love the variety and uniqueness of each lesson song. As a busy executive its a very effective way for me to keep advancing my skill without having to organize private lessons. I love it!

Thomas Morris, Fairfax, Virginia

Program: LAGA Classical

I have been learning guitar since couple years mostly self taught. I play just simple chords for simple pop and rock songs. I have started to learn CG seriously since February this year. My Goal is : I just want to be able to play CG correctly and I hope someday I can play any great pieces I want. After I read another guitarist’s experiences in so many CG forums in internet and have read and tried to learn from guitar method books (Aaron Shearer Book and I collect also another Books from Scott Tenant, Emilio Pujol, Aguado and Sagreras – I got those books mostly from online bookstores in USA and UK) and I experience also pain in my left hand due to improper learning technique, I realise that the role of a good teacher is inevitable. Unfortunately, here in my country it is not so easy to find a good one. The price is also not so cheap. I have to pay 40 USD monthly for 4 x 30 minutes season. Hence I decide to try your service. I have more time to practice anywhere and anytime. I think there are more benefits than the conventional learning methods.

Apip K., Indonesia

Program: LAGA Classical

For me LAGA is the best online site for flamenco lessons. I study flamenco by many years but with these video lessons i’m having real fast progress.
I looked those hundreds times and do exercises and it really works!!

Luca O., Italy

Program: LAGA Flamenco

I have browsed through many classical guitar websites offering lessons. The LAGA online has offered me the best alternative to enhance my guitar skills in addition to my teacher’s advice. I believe the LAGA online classical guitar lessons follow the most logical and effective sequence that an aspiring classical guitar player can dream of.

Angel Tapia, Woodhaven, NY

Program: LAGA Classical

The arrangements are excellent and the beginner books delve into everything you need to know about how to start playing guitar. It really is amazing.

Nabeen Haq, Leesburg, VA

Program: LAGA Classical

I’ve just spent a couple of hours watching Mr Emre Sabuncuoglu’s videos on YouTube. I’m floored by his talent, pieces that I’d never before thought of suiting the guitar he seems to make it seem like they were actually written “for” the guitar. Unbelievable. If after a few years of dedicated practice I somehow come up to half of his abilities, I’ll be happy and settle for that. What a talent.


Mike R, Toronto, Canada

Program: LAGA Classical

This is the best website provide classical guitar course online that I know of. The lessons are designed in a way that build up my skills from basic to advance. It would be nice if we can buy the CD and the study meterials to learn at home without using internet, because some time I do not have internet access…can’t get the lesson online.

Ravat Krailadsiri, Lat Phrao, Thailand

Program: LAGA Classical

I enjoy the privacy and being able to sit down at the end of my day and work in private. When I took private lessons from a teacher, I didn’t give him any point of reference from where to start with me. The online courses have fixed that. I know exactly where I stand. I have always played by ear since 1985, and I felt silly showing someone else my “homemade” music. Now, studying the Classical and picking out the individual notes as opposed to chords, it’s falling right in line with what is familiar to me and all of these years, I haven’t really been wasting my time.One thing I can tell, you guys must have put a lot of work into this. 🙂

Trudi Sagovac, Los Angeles, CA

Program: LAGA Classical

Having taught jazz improvisation for 8 years, I believe that an acoustic/classical technical study supplement is not just helpful, but essential in getting to a top technical level and expanding your technical horizons like you never imagined. I not only recommended all my improv/jazz students to subscribe to laga Classical but signed up for it myself! Now I’m enrolling in LAGA Flamenco.

Jamie W., MA

Program: LAGA Classical, LAGA Flamenco

I am 58 and because of my health issues and medical needs I am not able to leave my house for long periods of time. I have always wanted to study classical guitar but somehow never got a chance. Just came across LAGA Online last week and I am really excited and thankful to you guys for building this site. It is never too late to pursue your dreams.

Phil D., Montecito, CA

Program: LAGA Classical, LAGA Flamenco

I travel CONSTANTLY as a part of work. Now with the help of your online guitar program, all I need is my laptop to continue my guitar lessons. (I have one of those foldable travel guitars). My wife is impressed each time I get back from a business trip and I can play a new piece!

Jonathan Z., San Francisco, CA

Program: LAGA Classical

I have been taking lessons from a local guitar teacher for about 2 years. When I found this site, I couldn’t help but quit the private lessons. Given the economic downturn, I wasn’t able to pay $40/hr (which is 160 a month). I mean when you compare the $47 I’m paying for online guitar lessons to $160, it is an obvious decision.

Lauren Casey, San Jose, CA

Program: LAGA Flamenco

I started and stopped learning guitar maybe about 4 times. I gave up each time because I was having a lot of trouble learning how to read sheet music. These guys at LAGA nailed it in Level one of Laga Classical ! What a concept, learn how to read notes by playing fold tunes all around the world. It was so easy I didn’t really feel I had to memorize anything. at the end of level 1, I am now able to read music and fully familiar with notes on all 6 strings. It is worth the tuition just for this part alone.

Tommy C., Rochester, NY

Program: LAGA Classical

I was a private student of Emre Sabuncuoglu and had studied with him for 3 years. I was well on my well to the top level pieces of the classical guitar repertoire such as the Alhambra by Tarrega and the Chaconne by J.S. Bach. When I was relocated to Phoenix, it was the worst news for my guitar playing. Then I found out that LAGA launched its online lesson division, trust me, if you are not in LA, this is the next best thing! Don’t miss the opportunity!

Jim Maurice, Phoenix, AZ

Program: LAGA Classical


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